Faculty PhD Master Alumni

Leaded by Prof. Ja-Ling Wu, current DSP group is currently composed of 8 PhD students and 18 MS students.

From 1988, more than ten PhD and forty MS students were graduated from this research group.

For any errata, please notify Chia-Hu Chang.

Prof. Ja-Ling Wu 吳家麟

Ph.D. Students

Yu-Tzu Lin 林育慈
Song-Wen Wang 王頌文
Wen-Huang Cheng 鄭文皇
Jyh-Ren Jerry Shieh 謝致仁
Yi-Hon Hsiao 蕭奕
Chia-Hu Chang 張嘉祜
Min-chun Tien 田敏君
Jason Lee 李啟龍

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Master Students


Sheng-Fang He 何昇舫
Chih-Chieh Hsiao 蕭志傑
Wei-Kai Su 蘇威凱
Chung-Yi Weng 翁仲毅
Chih-Chieh Liu 劉治杰
Shang-Chih Chuang 莊上墀
Yu-Feng Kuo 郭煜楓
Shu-Sian Yang 楊恕先
Yung-Huan Hsieh 謝永桓
Shao-Yen Fang   方劭彥  
Yin-Tzu Lin   林映孜  


Po-Wei Chen 陳柏煒
Chen-Wei Chou 周辰威
Chi-chang Hsieh 謝其璋
Kuei-Yi Hsieh 謝逵繹
Ping-yen Hsieh 謝秉諺
Yi-Tang Wang 王奕棠
Yang-Ting Yeh   葉仰庭  

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Name Chinese Name Email Homepage Graduated Year Thesis Title
Wei-Ta Chu 朱威達 2006 Semantics-based Content Analysis and Organization in Movies and Sports Videos
Chia-Wei Lin 林佳緯 2005 Characteristic Analysis and Construction Algorithms for Reversible Variable Length Codes
Yuh-Jue Chuang 莊玉如 2005 An Efficient Matrix-Based DCT Splitter/Merger and Its Applications in Multimedia Processing
Chun-Hsiang Huang 黃俊翔 2004 Performance and Security Improvements of Digital Watermarking Schemes and a Study of DRM Frameworks
Jin-Hau Kuo 郭晉豪 2003 An Investigation of Content-based Media Processing and its Application to News Program Videos
Chia-Chiang Ho 何嘉強 2003 A Study of Effective Techniques for User-Centric Video Streaming
Yi-Shin Tung 童怡新 2002 The design and implementation of an MPEG-4 based universal scalable video codec in layered path-tree structure
Chien-Wu Tsai 蔡建戊 2001 Investigation of reversible variable length codes and some techniques for error resilience in video communications
Yuh-Ming Huang 黃育銘 1999 On Complexity Reduction In Orthogonal Discrete Transforms
Chun-Hung Lin 林俊宏 1997 Investigation of pattern matching algorithms for digital video coding
Chiou-Ting Hsu 許秋婷 1997 Digital watermarking for images and videos
Herng-Yow Chen 陳恆佑 1997 Design and implementation issues of continuous media systems
Chu-Song Chen 陳祝嵩 1996 Range image processing using mathematical morphology and its application on 3D object recognition
Ho Chao Huang 黃鶴超 1995 Software-based high-speed video coding techniques for low bit-rate video applications
Jiun-Shiu 徐鈞 1994 Real-number linear block codes and their applications
Yuen-Hsien Tseng 曾元顯 1993 High-Order Neural Networks and Its Applications
杜維洲 1992 Novel convolution-based computations of the discrete cosine transform

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Name Chinese Name Email WWW Thesis Title
Jun-Cheng Chen 陳駿丞 Tiling Slideshow
Chia-Wei Wang 汪家偉 Film Narrative Exploration Through Analyzing Aesthetic Elements
Chi-Ho Wu 巫奇豪 A Study on MPEG-4 HE-AAC and Its Implementation Issues on Trimedia DSPs
  謝俊偉 --
Sheng-Kai Lin 林聖凱 Design and Implementation of Software-Based MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Encoder on Multi-Core Processors
Chia-Hao Chang 張嘉豪 An Investigation and Software Implementation of Parametric Spatial Audio Codecs
Sheng-Ho Wang 王盛禾 H.264/AVC coding performance enhancement via incorporating pre-process with perceptual-based in-loop deblocking filters
Chia-Ying Li 李佳盈 A Global-Motion-Compensation Based Video Coding Scheme and Its Application to Video Resolution Enhancement
Yi-Chin Huang 黃義欽 Adaptive Edge Detection based Colorization Algorithms and Its applications
Yu-Hao Chen 陳宇皓 Music Mood and Video Tempo based Movie Emotional Event Detection
Ya-Ting Yang 楊雅婷 Quality Enhancement of Frame Rate Up-Converted Video by Adaptive Frame Skip and Reliable Motion Extraction
Jin-Sin Liu 劉錦昕 An MPEG-4 IPMP Compliant Digital Rights Management System
Chen-Hsiu Huang 黃振修 A Musical-driven Video Summarization System Using Content-aware Mechanisms
Chih-Hao Shen 沈至豪 A Digital Image Rights Management System Assuring Both Byers' and Sellers' Rights
Hsuan-Wei Chen 陳萱瑋 Action Movies Segmentation and Summarization Based on Tempo Analysis
Wen-Huang Cheng 鄭文皇 User Attention Model in Region-of-Interest Determination on Videos
Jen-Hao Yeh 葉人豪 TV Commercial Detection in News Videos
Liang Chih-Hao 梁致豪 Semantic Event Detection in Baseball Videos
Ting-Jian Pan 潘廷建 A Novel Sum-Product Algorithm on Factor Graphs
Jen-Bin Kuo 郭振彬 News Video Segmentation Based on Visual and Audio Analysis
Song-Wen Wang 王頌文 An Investigation and Implementation of H.264/AVC Decoding Engine
Chun-Yueh Oh 歐俊岳 A Human Face-based Image Search System
Sian-Suo Chen 陳賢碩 A Software Implementation of the MPEG-4 Video Encoder
Chin-Wei Fang 方子維 An Effective Summarization and Browsing Tool for News Videos
Chin-Fu Tsao 曹智富 Automatic Caption Detection and Extraction in Digital Video
Kai-Li Huang 黃闞立 An Effective Characteristics Extraction Tool for MPEG-Compressed Video Bitstreams and Its Applications
Po-Kang Hsiao 蕭伯剛 An MPEG-4 Scalable Video Streaming Platform
Hsi-Kang Tsao 曹希康 A fast MPEG-4 FGS decoding architecture for memory and power constrained embedded systems
Shao-Ying Lin 林劭穎 An MPEG-7 Content-Based Analysis System Architecture
Yen-Shao Liu 劉彥劭 Query by Humming System Based-on Approximate String Matching Technique
Li-Hui Tsai  蔡禮暉 An Error Resilient Compression for Progressive Meshes
Hung-Chieh Hsin 辛鴻杰 The design and implementation of a JPEG 2000 parser
Pei-Chen Chuang 張北辰 A perceptual based digital watermark scheme for audio signals
Pin-Ting Lin 林品廷 An implementation of progressive 3D model compression
Chi-Hui Huang 黃琪惠 A Scalable Video Codec Based-On MPEG-4 Still Texture Coding
Shu-Wei Liu 劉書維 An implementation of the scalable video codec based on wavelet transform
Li-Wei Lu 呂立偉 A Study Of DV Standard And Implementation Of DV Applications
Wei-Chan Lin 林韋成 Mathematical morphology and its applications on image segmentation
Shao-Hua Hung 洪紹華 A study of H.263+ video coding standard and its software implementation
Yin-Ting Liu 劉尹婷 A study on advanced audio coding and its software encoder implementation
Jyh-Liang Dai 戴至良 An implementation of the ITU-T H.263 coding systems
Pei-Chi Lin 林沛其 An H.263-based multipoint continuous presence video conferencing system
Hsiang-Lin Chou 周祥麟 A Study On MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding And Its Real-Time Software Decoder Implementation
Chun-Hsiang Huang 黃俊翔 Implementation And Improvement Of Some Digital Image Watermaking Algorithms
Ming-Hung Chung 鐘明宏 Implementation of software encoder of Dolby AC-3 Audio Compression Standard
Da-Jin Hsu 徐達金 A DCT-Domain H.263 based Video Combiner for Multipoint Continuous Presence Video Conferencing
Shyue-Maw Wann 萬學茂 Detection and Concealment Technique for MPEG-2 Bit Stream Error
Robert Hsieh 謝昇晉 Layered Coding Using Bitstream Decomposition with Drift Correction
Chih-Hung Huang 黃智宏 H.263視訊影像之錯誤偵測與回復
Dong-Yun Liu 劉東昀 Implementation of software MPEG-4 like video CODEC
Yu-Chin Chen 陳昱志 A study of AC-3 audio codec and its real-time software implementation
Den-Yuan Hsian 蕭登元 The realtime implementation of H.261 video codec
Yung-Chiuan Weng 翁永泉 Implementation of software MPEG-2 video codec and its related research
Mei-Juun Guu 古媄君 A study of MEPG-1 audio codec and its real-time software implementation
Chi-Lun Chang 張祺崙 Discrete cosine transform program generator and its related research
Jiun-Jij Huang 黃俊傑 An interactive MPEG-1 browsing system
  鄭碩佳 A Low Cost Audio/Video Editing System For the MPEG-1 Coded Bitstreams
  黃秀娟 Transform Domain JPEG to MPEG-1 Format Converter
Chen Shih Huang 黃振生 A study and software implementation on internatioal standard for Bi-level image compression-JBIG
Tzong-Yih Hwu 胡宗義 Study Of Fractal Image Compression And Its Applications
  黃有寶 Spline signal processing and its applications
Chun-Hung Lin 林俊宏 Some Novel Techniques For Improving Video Coding Performance
  劉郁明 Video coding on ATM networks
  許聖賢 On the relationship and optimization of the video and image compression systems
  柯啟臻 Motion compensated video coding
  紀翔峰 The techniques of adaptive filtering and their applications in echo cancellation
  游家倫 Adaptive multi-dictionary model for data compression
  郝維華 Studies of subband coding techniques
  葉敏宏 Using Vector Orthogonalization For Motion Picture Compression
Ta-i Lin 林大溢 Wavelet transform on signal processing and data compression
  邱裕庭 以兩張立體影像做三維空間物體之表面評估工作
Chu-Song Chen 陳祝嵩 類神經網路在影像的表示與編碼上應用之研究
郭若蘭 離散餘弦轉換演算法及架構之研究
曾維新 數位訊號處理多媒體教學系統
金益明 離散弦式轉換之迴旋捲積演算法
曾仁文 離散長球形數列及其在數位信號處理中應用之研究
Yuh-Ming Huang 黃育銘 多處理機系統下之快速多項式轉換
曾元顯 聯想配對及圖樣平移旋轉大小不變性之研究
Jiun-Shiu 徐鈞 實係數更誤編碼
許世暉 離散轉換之兩段式演算法
江嘉尉 以TRANSPUTER為基礎之平行程式發展系統
杜維洲 使用CORDIC技巧的高速平行之離散餘弦轉換架構
趙珊菱 滑動式離散轉換之研究

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